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25 Lovely Romantic Funny Quotes for Your Crush FrankSMS

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30 Hot and Steamy Flirty Quotes to attract your crush

13/02/2022 · This is ideal for that special someone who checks all the boxes 12 I hope your day is as nice as your butt A cute quote that will put a huge smile on your crush face and stir up their imagination and other body parts as they start thinking of your butt 13 Hot shower a regular shower but with me in it

Crush/Love Quotes

beautiful beat Now I am allergic to love not that I hate the concept of love but maybe I m too scared of falling in love again The scars on my heart stops me everytime whenever I scribble the word love lovehurts emotional spilled tears spilled words spilled ink spilled thoughts spilled heart spilled feelings spilled love loveislove

Flirty Quotes To Impress Your Crush In 2022

Funny Flirty Quotes Flirting is not just about saying a few words to someone it is more than just that Flirting is all about making a person feel special and loved It involves showing interest in the other person and getting them hooked on you This is a list of funny quotes that you can use to flirt and make your crush blush

Flirty Quotes To Impress Your Crush In 2022

Here s a list of hot flirty quotes that will help you make an impression on your crush Your lips are like honey and your hugs are warmer than the blanket Your kisses are like wine I want to get drunk Get out of my head and fall into my arms instead Every sixty seconds you spent upset is a minute of happiness you ll never get back

Funny Text Messages to Send Your Crush Sweety High

09/07/2022 · Keep scrolling to see 8 funny text messages perfect for starting a convo with your crush For the crush who will appreciate you just getting to the point On a scale from 1 to Starbucks WiFi how free are you tonight via Unsplash For the crush who really loves science Your chromosomes have combined beautifully